Fake vs Real Likas Papya Soap

by Amthierry 2013-05-07

I got mine from



and my box looks like this (i did see glitter on box)




not like this




and my soap looked old and one of my boxes was opened!


My soap did have these imprints thou (not photo of my actual soap)






It doesn't smell or has a very slight sour smell


Whats the consensus on this?

Re:Fake vs Real Likas Papya Soap
by Kit_cats

the online store you bought it from seems to be a very popular one... and it does have the proper logo, but I'm not sure about the box though....If it was opened already you should return it.

Re:Fake vs Real Likas Papya Soap
by Robin12

i don't think returning the opened soap will do any good they will just super glue the box shut and mail it back to me! You can't trust anyone now a days!

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