Blotting Papers pp 10

by Anna_21 2013-05-07
if u like cheap rice paper types, daiso has. cheap & quite good.
Re:Blotting Papers pp 10
by BRickson
I tried the Clean and Clear blotting papers several months ago before I got oil under control. Didn't care for all the ingredients and I somehow wondered if I was "pressing" all that junk into my skin.

Another blotting paper I used was my Jane Iredale; it's flaxseed paper only and comes in a convenient carrying case; however, I had to use 3-4 to do the job and they had the consistency of toilet seat liners - I would use them again if needed, but honestly my oily skin is under control now and I seldome need blotting papers. Pearl paste and pearl powders are what really turned the corner for me.
Re:Blotting Papers pp 10
by Jgeneske
The Daiso blotters are good but not too absorbant so you end using many more sheets. I find Clean & Clear, Kleenax & Fancl blotters a lot more effective and efficient.
Re:Blotting Papers pp 10
by Ophirsela
i like Kleenex blotting films cuz the packaging is sooo nice (purple with floral patterns) and they have a cloth piece on the other side of the film so that it wont show how much oil u have blot from your face! its $3.70 for 50 sheets at Watson's. the film is quite small and on a humid day i have to use abt 1 and a half sheet of films. yes i do use half a film and cut off the used part. :/ saves $$!!
Re:Blotting Papers pp 10
by Woodland_Nymph
I find the Gatsby ones perform much better than the Clean and Clear ones.

Been using them for years. I always stock up whenever I am back in Singapore for a holiday.

Re:Blotting Papers pp 10
by Peterfishboy
I'm using Clean and Clear to blot my face, at least when i touch up with my two way cake, my makeup doesn't look too blotchy.
Re:Blotting Papers pp 10
by Raiderbabe239
Tried the Kleenex blotters .. crappy. it doesn't absorb well and the packaging is bulky / puffy. Looks like i am blotting with cheap kitchen towels. Still love Clean and Clear and Boscia blotters.
Re:Blotting Papers pp 10
by Vashni
I don't use blotter on daily basis (prefer evian/avene mist spray) but I do carry some in my bag and office. Not particular on blotter but my only woe is the size. I dislike clean and clear size. So tiny! I would prefer to see a blotter maker make maybe 4-5x bigger? Once a sheet is drawn out, can just slap the whole piece onto the t-zone, without having to run one little piece all over the face and checking now and then which part of the sheet is still fresh from the oil :p
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